Nothing Else Matters

30 Aug

The day my daughter was born stands as the most beautiful and frightening day of my life. She came to me one month ago and my life was changed forever.

I had planned out her entire birth, even typed up a two page ‘birth plan’ for the doctors and nurses. Turns out you can not plan every detail of your life. I know that now.

I checked into the hospital at noon on Tuesday, July 30th. It was decided to induce labor as the baby was already 3 days late. Around 6:30pm the midwife broke my water and I began having pretty painful and regular contractions. I asked for an epidural and had one done at 8:00pm. The anesthesiologist had a lot of trouble trying to put the catheter in my back and what normally takes about 10 minutes took 45 minutes and 4 tries. I cried and thought about having a natural birth after the second try, but stayed strong and nearly broke my husband’s hand.

By 1:30am I was 10cm dilated and ready to push! I was scared but very eager to meet my baby girl. I pushed for 45 minutes or so before we noticed her heart rate had dropped. I had to have oxygen in between pushes. After 3 hours of pushing the midwife informed me that we were not making any progress and that she recommended trying a vacuum. I told her absolutely not and it’s a good thing because the baby was stuck. They then recommended a c-section since she was in distress and I was exhausted. I reluctantly agreed.

The idea of a c-section petrified me. I have never had surgery and I had a terrible feeling. I even told my midwife before going in that she better “not let me die.” Little did she know, that would be a tall order. When we got to the operating room I was shaking uncontrollably, everything about that room scared me.

Before they began, they told me I would feel a lot of pressure, which I was ready for, but then suddenly I felt pain. I started screaming and trying to break my arms free to stop them because the pain was too much. Then I can’t remember much. The anesthesiologist gave me something that made me go in and out of consciousness. My husband told me later that it took three doctors to get my daughter out. There was one pushing from the bottom, one working from my incision and when that did not work another one climbed on top of the table to help pull her out. The doctors told my husband that my daughter had been stuck and that they tore my uterus and cervix trying to get her out.

Thankfully she came out with only a scratch on her head. They gave her to my husband and had him leave the room so they could sew me up. It became apparent that I was losing a lot of blood. The doctors had to perform an emergency surgery to try and control the bleeding. The surgery took three hours, I had to have a blood transfusion taking 4 units of blood.

They put me in the ICU for a day to keep an eye on me and wouldn’t let me see her. It was the longest, hardest, and saddest day of my life. My husband came to see me in the ICU and brought pictures of her. I spent the next 30 hours doing nothing but staring at her picture and the clock on the wall. I would have maybe been able to leave the ICU sooner if I didn’t need another 2 units of blood. I was weak and could barely sit up in bed. The nurse informed me that if I could get up, I would be able to leave. It took everything in me, and more strength than I had but I somehow managed to do it.

When I finally got to meet her the next day, I was beyond elated. She was just as I had always dreamed of, and so much more. I love her with every fiber of my being and now nothing else matters.

Charlotte “Charlee” Marie Walton
Born July 31, 2013 at 5:30am
6lbs, 9oz 20in


Half Marathon Training Schedule

8 Oct
Week Date Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1 10/8/12 REST CT 5 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 6 mi
2 10/15/12 REST CT 6 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 8 mi
3 10/22/12 REST CT 6 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 10 mi
4 10/29/12 REST CT 6 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 11 mi
5 11/5/12 REST CT 8 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 12 mi
6 11/12/12 REST CT 7 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi 10 mi
7 11/19/12 REST CT 6 mi 5 mi REST ST+3 mi  7 mi
8 11/26/12 REST CT 5 mi 5 mi REST REST RACE

Fun filled day & the things kids say

28 Sep

I woke up to this sight for sore eyes

Howie makes it impossible to get out of bed. He’s such a snuggler.

I woke up a little late for my date with my friend Edith but we managed to find me a super cute outfit in less than an hour for my work dinner tonight. Too bad I won’t be posting any pictures of me in it! The dinner was cancelled & I’ll have to save the dress for another day. I can’t decide what makes me more mad, getting my hopes up for sushi, buying a new dress for the occasion, or the fact that I shaved my legs for this. (That’s a pretty big deal)

Edith & I went to Brio for lunch, everything was delish! Starting with the bread and butter.

Edith had a Chicken Caesar Salad, and gave me her tomatoes (a true friend)

I had the Tuscan Harvest Salad which had grilled chicken, mushrooms, almonds, gorgonzola, apples, dried cranberries, and Italian dressing.

Both salads were amazing but HUGE, still we put a serious dent in them.

Even though I thought I was going to keel over, we decided to share some dessert.

One was red velvet cake and the other strawberry cheesecake! We didn’t have any problem finishing those bad boys.

After lunch I met Bethany at the gym. Here’s our workout from today, courtesy of

HIIT Full Body Circuit workout

  • Bridges 3 sets of 15 reps
  • Push Press 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Barbell Deadlift 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Bent over Barbell Row 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Stiff Leg Barbell 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Lat Pulldown 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Dumbbell Rear Lunges 3 sets of 12 reps

I also did 200 crunches for good measure.

Since my dinner plans fell through, I went over my sister-in-law Tanielle’s house for dinner to visit and play with my 3 adorable nephews Anthony, Avery, & August.

I always have so much fun with them. Here is Anthony helping me stretch after my hard workout today.

Later Anthony grabs my butt and tells me it’s “squishy” and proceeds to give me that nickname. Kids do say the darndest things, and they are brutally honest!

The hubby came over too, him & Anthony are twinners with their matching glasses.

Tanielle made one of my favorite foods, chicken tacos!

We also snacked on some homemade guacamole and some chili con queso cheese dip from Fresh & Easy.

What better beverage with tacos then SANGRIA! (I think the Mickey Mouse glasses made them taste even better…yeah we finished the bottle, what?)

For dessert, I had some lemon cake! I’m thinking maybe I should change my blog name to Will Run for Cake, what do you think? Do they have CAA Meetings?

I leave you with this 🙂

Living in Las Vegas

27 Sep

YES people do actually live here, and NO I do not live in a hotel. Although, I do enjoy the occasional “stay-cation” where I’ll get a hotel room for a weekend and play tourist.

Playing tourist is a fun game when you live in a top tourist destination and the rules are fairly simple.

Rule #1

Look the part: There are 3 different characters you are guaranteed to fit right in with.

The Raoul Duke:

The Wannabe mobster:

The I-can’t-tell-if-she’s-a-hooker-or-just-going-to-a-nightclub:

Rule #2

Change your identity: If your going to play tourist then you have to act like one! Make up a new name, and where your from. I always throw in an accent after a few cocktails

If you live here or anywhere in a tourist attracted city you should give this a try. It’s always a good laugh and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

I love me some Quaker

27 Sep

I have discovered the BEST snack in the world!

I ate the entire bag (don’t judge until you TRY to eat just a couple) It reminds me of Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn, another all time favorite. I found these at Wally World (aka Wal-Mart).

This morning’s breakfast included egg “whites” cooked with Earth Balance spread, and honey cinnamon oatmeal from Kashi.

For lunch, I dined in our employee dining room (Mangia) and made myself a salad with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, turkey, blue cheese, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I also had some over-cooked asparagus, and crunchy brown rice. (Mangia isn’t always the best but it’s free!)

I bit my lip on the crunchy brown rice and my co-worker Angie bit her lip too. We compared wounds…

I think Tanya (the red-head in the middle) got something on the back of her uniform or maybe she just likes showing off her toosh.

I went a little apple crazy today for my afternoon snacks…

After work, I met Bethany at the gym. We ran 4 miles, except I had to stop due to almost peeing on the treadmill and didn’t get my time…lame sauce.

I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to start running outside again, which will be Oct. 31st. I’m a weather psychic just like her…

How I made it into the olympics

26 Sep

PSYCH! Had ya goin’ there didn’t I?

Truth is, I have never been athletic…even growing up. I played soccer in the 4th grade, where they made me a goalie because the only thing I was capable of was standing in one place. That sadly didn’t last long, I would tuck n roll whenever the ball came at me. Here’s what I played in, jeans and converse. Wasn’t I a gem?

And here’s how I look today

What made me start running was an inspiration, a goal, and a partner.

My inspiration is my friend Ashley who should be on the cover of Swimsuit Illustrated.

The goal was my wedding! I had 9 months to look my absolute best in my dress and to look hot for my future hubby of course

January 2011- Engagement (ooooh cake!)

November 2011- Wedding (ooooh cake!)

My partner in crime is my best-friend/sister-in-law Bethany whom I convinced to run the half-marathon with me and to train together for months. Without her motivation, I would have given up after that first 2 mile run.

Which brings me to today. I decided that I will train again for the upcoming half marathon in December!

I ran the half marathon last December, it was my first ever race and I finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes, not too shabby heh? Well, this time around I am determined to finish in 2 hours. And the best part is, I have Bethany and Ashley who will be running right by my side.

So, this blog will be my dedication and love for running and eating, and maybe a few ramblings 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

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